Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad

You want to live with your partner in the Netherlands. To be allowed to live in the Netherlands, people from outside the EU usually need a permit. For this purpose you must first take the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad. This test is about the Dutch language and Dutch society. You can prepare for this exam using this website.

Read more information about civic integration in the Netherlands in the brochure Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

Practice independently with a study package Naar Nederland

The Dutch government has had a study package made with the name Naar Nederland. It consists of Lesson materials for people who want to prepare for the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad Naar Nederland contains Lesson materials for learning to speak, understand and read Dutch. You can also practice for the exams Knowledge of Dutch Society, Speaking proficiency and Reading proficiency. Naar Nederland enables you to practise for the exam independently. You can order the lesson materials or download them free of charge from this site. The package is available in 34 languages.

View the Lesson materials

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The civic integration examination abroad consists of three sections:

You take the exam at a Dutch embassy or Consulate General. You contact the Dutch representation in the country where you want to take the exam. Select your country and see where you can take the basic civic integration exam abroad on The exam is taken on a computer. If you have any questions, you should ask the embassy staff member before the exam begins. Once the exam has started, you will not be able to ask any more questions. You do NOT have to do any writing during the exam.

Read more information about civic integration in the Netherlands in the brochure Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.

Latest News

New questions Speaking exam from of 1 July 2024

There are some new questions for the Speaking exam. In the section 'Speaking’ you will find a link to the new document with all the questions, the old ones as well as the new ones. From of 1 July 2024 the new questions can be part of the exam.

Changes to the reading exam since 1 May 2023

Since 1 May 2023, the Reading exam has changed. Until 1 May, the Reading exam consisted of a technical reading section (reading words and listening to words) and a functional reading section (reading texts and making questions). Since 1 May, the exam consists only of functional reading. You only answer questions to different texts. In the section 'Practice with sample exams' you will find a sample exam.

The basic examination brochure answers the questions about the requirement to pass the basic civic integration examination, what is being tested, how you can prepare yourself, how / where the basic examination is taken, and what the costs are, how you know you passed and also if you can sit for a re-examination.

The basic civic integration examination must be taken abroad before coming to the Netherlands. In Turkey, the examination can be taken at VFS Ankara after an appointment has been made. You can find the contact details at Netherlands Worldwide.

Exemption from the basic civic integration examination and application for exemption

In a number of situations, you may be exempt from taking the basic civic integration examination. On you can find information about exemption from the basic examination and application for exemption.


For more information about the civic integration requirement for newcomers with a Turkish nationality, you can go to