Lesson materials


On this page you will find the lesson materials that you can use to practise for the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad. We refer to all of the Lesson materials together as the study package Naar Nederland. This study package consists of:

  1. A manual
  2. Naar Nederland film
  3. Naar Nederland photo book
  4. Workbook Naar Nederland, Dutch as a second language
  5. Naar Nederland e-learning
  6. Audio CDs that go with the workbook and a DVD to install the e-learning program on your computer.

On this page you will find more information about the sections of the study package. The package is available in 33 languages. You can choose one of these languages at the bottom of this page. This will take you to a page where you can order the lesson materials in that language or download them free of charge.

Who are the Lesson materials intended for?

The lesson materials of Naar Nederland are intended for anyone who wants to take the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad. It is a self-study method. This means that everyone can work with it independently.

The materials are suitable for people with a low, medium or high level of education. They are also suitable for illiterate people or people who only know a different script. The first twenty lessons have been made especially for them, to learn the Dutch sounds and script.

System requirements

The DVD is suitable for computers with:

  1. Windows (XP or later), or
  2. Mac OS X (10.2 PPC or later), or
  3. Linux (RedHat 7.3 or later).

You also need a DVD player, a sound card to play the audio and a microphone to record and listen to your own voice.


The study package includes a manual. This manual contains information about:

  1. preparation for the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad
  2. the self-study package
  3. the sample exams
  4. the examination materials and how the examination is taken

You will also find a glossary in the manual. This contains all the new words from lesson 21 up to and including lesson 65, translated into the language you have chosen.

Naar Nederland Film

The exam section Knowledge of Dutch Society tests your knowledge of the Netherlands. What you need to know to successfully complete this test is shown in the video Naar Nederland. This film shows how people live in the Netherlands, how they interact with each other and what their customs are. You will also learn some practical matters that are worth knowing if you live in the Netherlands. The video lasts about 110 minutes and consists of 7 sections:

  1. Geography and living
  2. History
  3. Politics and constitution
  4. The Dutch language and learning it
  5. upbringing and education
  6. Health care
  7. Work and income

In some languages there are two versions of the film: expurgated and unexpurgated. There are some things that are perfectly normal in the Netherlands but which are prohibited in some other countries. For example, women are allowed to go to the beach without wearing a lot of clothing. And people are allowed to express themselves freely, such as by saying or showing that they are homosexual or lesbian. Images of this are shown in the unexpurgated version.

In some countries it is forbidden by law to be in possession of a film containing these images. That is why a special film has been made for those countries. That version of the movie is called: the expurgated version. The forbidden images are not included in this film. However, there is some explanation in the film about these customs in the Netherlands.

Click to watch the film at the bottom of this page in your language. That's where you'll find the film. When you order a package, you will also be sent the video on DVD (PAL/SECAM and NTSC).

Naar Nederland photo book

The film Naar Nederland includes a photo book with an audio CD. In the photo book you will see 100 numbered photos with images from the film. Each picture is accompanied by a question that you hear on the CD in the same order. These questions are in Dutch. You also answer the questions in Dutch in this test. You can read and listen to all the questions and answers in the photo book and on the CD.

WorkbookNaar Nederland, Dutch as a second language

The workbook Naar Nederland, Nederlands voor anderstaligen is the official preparation for the reading and speaking proficiency sections of the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad. In 65 language lessons you will learn to read, understand and speak in Dutch.

Naar Nederland boekenpakket

Naar Nederland E-Learning

Naar Nederland e-learning is an extensive digital training programme. The lessons in the digital exercise programme are the same as the lessons in the book. This program is suitable for illiterate people or people with a different script as well as people with a lower, medium or higher level of education. There is a short, medium and long program.

You can use this program free of charge online via the page Log-in e-learning. On a computer without internet access you can also use the program using the DVD from the package. A partner can also log in to the online training programme and see how far the candidate has progressed. He or she uses the same login code.

Choose a language

The Naar Nederland study package is available in 33 languages. Clicking on a language will take you to the page where you can download the lesson materials in that language. The languages marked with an asterisk are spoken languages; in writing you will find Standard Arabic**, Turkish* or Moroccan Arabic*.

Algerian Arabic** Bosnian Chinese
Dari Egyptian Arabic** English (unedited)
English (edited) Farsi French (unedited)
French (edited) Hindi Indonesian
Iraqi Arabic** Cantonese Croatian
Kurmanji Libanese Syrian Arabic** Moroccan Arabic
Ukranian Eastern Armenian Language Pashto
Portuguese Punjabi Russian
Serbian Sinhala Somali
Spanish Standard Arabic Tamil
Riff Berber* Thai Tigrinya
Tunisian Arabic** Turkish Urdu

Brochure Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad

Read more information about civic integration in the Netherlands in the brochure Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment.