basisexamen inburgering

2. Speaking

This part of the examination assesses your ability to speak Dutch. You have to answer some questions and complete sentences on the computer.
The Speaking exam contains 22 questions. The exam consists of 2 parts, each of which starts with an instruction in Dutch. This instruction translates to:
  1. Question-Answer:
    On the computer, you watch a video of someone asking a question. You answer the question using a headset (headphones and microphone). You have to formulate your own answers. You have to answer 10 questions.
  2. Completing sentences:
    You read and hear an unfinished sentence which you have to complete. You also see a photo, which helps you to understand the sentence. You have to make up your own addition to form a correct sentence. The photos are not made available here on the website, so you only see them during the exam. You answer the questions using the headset. You have to complete 12 sentences.

First you complete the ‘question-answer’ part. There are 60 practice questions in total, in the exam you only get 10 of these questions. Next, you complete the part ‘completing sentences’. There are about 400 questions in total available on the internet. In the exam you get 12 of these.

You can have a look at all the questions here, which gives you the opportunity to prepare for the exam.

The Speaking exam takes 30 minutes and is corrected by assessors. The final result of the exam is expressed by a number between 1 and 10. If you fail one of the parts, you will have to retake both exam parts.