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Naar Nederland

Naar Nederland is the official self-study pack which will help you to prepare for the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad. It includes what you need to be able to speak, understand and read Dutch at the required A1-level. It also includes the material you will need to prepare for the Kennis van de Nederlandse Samenleving (Knowledge of Dutch Society) test. You can order this pack or download it here.

The pack has been specially developed for the Dutch Government.

The pack is available in 33 languages:

Algerian Arabic* Bosnian Cantonese**
Chinese Croatian Dari
Eastern Armenian Language Egyptian Arabic* English (unedited)
English (edited) Iranian Farsi French (unedited)
French (edited) Hindi Indonesian
Iraqi Arabic* Kurdish*** Libanese Syrian Arabic*
Moroccan Arabic Pashto Portuguese
Punjabi Riff Berber**** Russian
Serbian Sinhala Somali
Spanish Standard Arabic***** Tamil
Thai Tunisian Arabic* Vietnamese
Ukranian Urdu

* relevant Arabic dialect pronunciation, the written translation is in standard Arabic.
** Cantonese pronunciation; the written translation is in simplified Chinese.
*** available while stocks last, Kurdish is spoken language; the written translation is in Turkish.
**** Riff Berber is spoken language; the written translation is in Moroccan Arabic.
***** available while stocks last.

Each pack contains:

  1. A DVD of the film Naar Nederland (there are two DVDs in each pack: PAL/SECAM and NTSC formats)
  2. The Naar Nederland photo book with audio CD
  3. The Naar Nederland, Nederlands voor anderstaligen workbook with 4 audio CDs
  4. The self-study handbook, in Dutch with a translation in the requested support language. (The audio CD also contains a spoken version.)
  5. A vocabulary list of Dutch words with their translations in the support language. (The audio CD also contains a spoken version.)
  6. A DVD with the digital practice program
  7. The log-in code for the online practice program