E-learning program

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The digital practice program

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Naar Nederland e-learning is a comprehensive digital practice program. It can be used by those who cannot read and those who are used to reading in a language which is not written in the Latin alphabet, regardless of prior education. There are short, medium and long versions of the program.

The digital practice program includes the same lessons as the book. The lessons, the translations into the support language and the audio are fully integrated. The program also records your results and progress.

The program consists of:

  1. three learning routes:
    1. for those unfamiliar with the Latin alphabet;
    2. for those with a standard school education and
    3. for those with higher education.
  2. a total of 65 lessons with practice exercises
  3. short videos to introduce the lessons
  4. illustrations
  5. translations of the vocabulary list in the support language (with audio version)
  6. instructions in Dutch and the support language (with audio version)
  7. feedback on your answers
  8. possibility to record and play back your spoken answers
  9. four tests with lists of ‘opposites’
  10. illustrated vocabulary list
  11. short instructional videos.

If you have access to a computer, we strongly advise you to use this program because it makes learning much easier. You can run the program on your own computer if you use the supplied DVD from the pack.

You can also use the program online. You can log in at the login page (opens in a new screen).

The same log-in code from the pack can also be used by your partner, who can then visit the online practice program to find out how much progress you have made.

System requirements

The program requires a computer with:

  1. One of these Operating Systems
    1. Windows (XP or later), or
    2. Mac OS X (10.2 PPC or later), or
    3. Linux (RedHat 7.3 or later).
  2. DVD player
  3. Soundcard, speakers and a microphone (for speech recording).